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Opal Area Photos

The Area around Lightning Ridge in the North West of New South Wales is renowned for our Lovely Black Opals.  Most of the opals we have here for sale come from the area near Lightning Ridge called Grawin, The Sheepywards and Glengary.  The mines are shafts underground and the opals are found in seams of Opal.  The life here is very harsh with very cold winters and extremely hot summers.  People who live here share a common bond of finding opals and have a great community spirit.  In the last few years they have had droughts and floods.  The potential of waking up each day with the chance of finding opal is what drives these miners to continue.  The great Aussie Spirit is shown here in this area with these great people.  The area has some unique pubs where the miners and visitors can wash down a cold glass of beer.  Accommodation is also available for tourists wishing to visit the area.  Free camp sites and showers are available and tour groups are welcome.
Below are some photos of these areas and some of the amazing opals we have found and made into unique Opal Jewelry.

Opal Area Photos of Miner Machinery

Opal Mining Village

Main Road into the Opal Fields at the Sheepyards. 

Bulls Rush Mine

Opals found at Bulls rush2a.jpg

Some Scenes from this wonderful Opal Mining Area where you can go
back in time and see and meet some real outback characters.

 Horses on Dusty Opal Road  Old Opal Diggings
 Opal Mines in the bush  Opal Miners Camp

Horses on the Roads made from Opal Spoil                                                Old Mining Equipment

Mind Workings at Barfield.                                                                          Miners Camp

The Opals Below have been found in our mines.  All the colours you could imagine.  What a treasure.

Opals from Bulls RushOpals from Bulls Rush


Opals from Bulls RushOpals from Bulls Rush


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